About Biccoagro

BICCO Agro Products (West Africa) Ltd is into agricultural biotechnology and the provision of innovative farming solutions which cover the areas of organic agriculture; veterinary; human-health enhancing herbals; and fresh fruit and vegetables- processing, storage, marketing and transportation, in collaboration with our foreign technical partners; AgriLife India, Omnivent Techniek Netherlands B.V, HZPC Holland B.V, Wyma Fresh Solution New Zealand.

Hence, BICCO Agro Products (WA) Ltd is the major representative of the above named world class organizations in Nigeria.
BICCO Agro Products (WA) Ltd provides the following:
Bio-Fertilizers and plant growth promoters; Bio-Pesticides, Bio-Fungicides and other Bio-control agents; High quality seeds; Bio-Veterinary Products; Bio-Medicals; Storage/ Preservation/ packaging facilities; and Agricultural Extension Services.
By using BICCO Agro inputs, you will be saving your cost of farming (between 30% to 50%) and you will be ensuring the safety of your produce and the environment as a whole, in that our inputs do not leave any chemical residue after use and they extend finished produce shelf life and quality intact.
Our high quality vegetable seeds are among the best varieties in the world in terms of viability and yield, while our storage, processing and packaging facilities are second to none.
Hence, the goal of BICCO Ago Products (WA) Ltd is to provide complete solutions for all farmers the nature’s way and totally enhance lives through biotechnology