BICCO Agro Products (WA) Ltd is the official partner of AGRILIFE in Nigeria. AGRILIFE is a research based Agri Biotech company based at Hyderabab, India. The company focused on bio-solutions for crops, soils, animals, humans and environment. Botanical origin BioPesticides, Biofertilizers and Bio Agri Inputs are the products of Agri Life. Bio solution products for animal health are registered by Bio Ops division. Probiotics, Environment Management Microbes and Bio Medical Products are the products of Bio Ops.
“RADOSOM” – the in-house R & D Centre of the Group recognized by Government of India, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, (Reg Number : TU/IV – RD- 1946 valid up to 31, March 2010) Ref:, 919 Directory of Recognized in-house R&D Units as of October 2005.
RADOSOM has been doing research work on botanical pesticides like Neem (Azadirachta indica), Karanj (Derris Indica) and Annona (Annona squamosa); Bio Fertilizer, Bio Agri Inputs, Probiotic and Environment Management Microbes and human health products.
Agri Biotech Manufacturing
SOM Phytopharma (India) Ltd which is the manufacturing arm of AGRILIFE, has two manufacturing facilities in IDA Bollarum, industrial estate near Hyderabad, India. The location of the facility is a declared chemical zone and is well connected by road from the city of Hyderabad.
Agri Life – Agri Biotech Product Range
• Bio Pesticide – Botanical Origin: Azadirachtin, Karanjin, Annonin.
• Bio Pesticide – Microbial Origin: Bacillus thuringiensis – Kurstaki, Trichoderma viride, Trichoderma harzianum, pseudomonas fluorescens, Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizuim anisopliae, Verticillium lecanii, paecilomyces etc.
• Bio Fertilizer – Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria (Azospirillum, Azotobacter, Rhizobuim), phosphorous Solubilizing Bacteria, Potash Mobilizing Bacteria, Ferrous Mobilizing Bacteria, Sulfur Mobilizing Bacteria, Zinc Mobilizing Bacteria, VAM.
• Bio Agri Inputs – Humic and Fulvic Substances from Vermi Compost, Seaweed Extract, Protein Hydrolysates of Vegetative Origin, Cold Pressed Neem Kernel Oil, Neem Cake, Whole Neem Fruit Powder, Neem Kernel Powder, Neem Billets, Neem Agent for Urea Coating, Cold Pressed Karanj Kernel Oil, Karanj Cake, Whole Karanj Fruit Powder, Karanj Kernel Powder, Karanj Agent for Urea Coating, Microbial Inoculants for Biomass decomposition and enhancement.
Bio Ops – Product Range
• Bio Medical Products: Medical Grade Neem Oil, Neem Pearls, Medical Grade Karanj Oil, Ashwagandha Extract, Brahmi Extract.
• Probiotics: Animal Probiotics for Aquaculture, Poultry, Large Animals, Pets.
• Environment Management Microbes: Microbes for heavy metal degradation, Sulfur degradation, H2S, Ammonia degradation and various microbes for effluent treatment, litter management, mining recovery systems.