BICCO Agro Products (WA) Ltd is in partnership with Omnivent Techniek BV for the marketing of high quality complete storage facilities in Nigeria.
Expert in Storage Control
For a good rest after an intensive growing season, Omnivent Techniek BV has the in-house knowledge to design and deliver efficient and reliable storage facilities.
After the ploughing, sowing, taking care and harvesting of your agricultural products like potatoes, onions, carrots, bulbs etc, it is good to take a rest and start the new season without having to worry about things. To make sure that the new growing season will start without you having a lot on your mind, Omnivent is the partner you are looking for!
More than any other company, Omnivent knows what it means to dry and store a product. The conditioning of air is a matter of precision. During the storage season, all kinds of climatic and biological process take place. With its many years of experience in storage technology, Omnivent Techniek BV knows how to control these processes and to create an optimal climate.
A complete solution for any storage facility that is what Omnivent has to offer, both in newly built or existing storage barns in the Netherlands and abroad.
Ominivent is unique, because we can offer a specific solution for every storage facilities, by developing and designing the ventilation systems ourselves, we can offer you a complete storage facility, from the first draft to the actual installation. Leave your valuable product in the care of Omnivent storage technology and your winter will be carefree!
The expertise of Omnivent is used all over the world; you can always contact us to find out what Omnivent can do for you.