Food Stuff


Nigeria is known for its tropical climate. However, our unique geographic location allows the different regions of our country to have wide climatic variations which allows us to grow a wide variety of crops. Here’s a comprehensive but not exhaustive list of crops grown in Nigeria. We supply the following: –





Okro, Garri, Jatropha plant, Pepper-fresh/frozen, Habanero
Pepper, Black Pepper, Pepper-bulb(tatase), Chilli Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Plum Tomatoes, Yam, Cocoyam, Cucumber, Carrot, Spinach, Garden Egg, Garlic, Ginger Tuber.


Plantain, Avocado, Melon, Orange Mango, Pineapple; Palm Fruit; Nuts
Bitter Kola; Kola Nuts, Peanuts, Groundnuts; Cashew nuts in and without shell.

Ogbono; Mango Seeds, Bean; Locust Brown Beans; White Beans; Ground Beans; Jatropha Seeds; Ehu
Leaves, Flowers & Honey
Vegetable-Ugwu; Water Leaves; Bitter Leaves; Utazi Leaves; Ewedu Leaves; Tete Leaves; Scent Leaves; Pumpkin / Ugu Leaves; Cassava Leaves; Moi Moi Leaves; Periwinkle.



Fats & Oils

Jatropha Oil; Palm Oil; Neem Oil; Vegetable Oil; Shea Butter; Cocoa Butter
Cereals, Beverages, Spices, flavoring, spices and other food stuffs.
Plain Flour; Plantain Flour; Yam Flour; Fufu Flour; Bean Flour; Rice Flour; Poundo Yam; Ogi; Fufu; Pepper-ground; Pepper Spice; Black Pepper; Ofada; Rice; Rice; Salt; Maggi; Thyme;Curry; Nutmeg; Tumeric; Ginger Powder; Ogiri; Uha; Tea; Cocoa Powder



Meat & Fish


Snail; Dried Prawns; Dry Fish; Cray Fish; Smoked Fish; Shawa; Stock Fish; Beef; Meat